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Ewa Kruszyńska, Warsaw, Poland(non-registered)
Amazing photo "Old Orchard Beach"-14.january!!! I found him on your facebook.Best the best!Beautiful!!!
Heidi Toursie
I have 24 selections in my favorite folder. How do I decide? I really appreciate your beautiful work!
Minto Thorsen(non-registered)
Outstanding image of downtown P'mouth, from a fellow photographer!
Rayanne Pease Stemmler(non-registered)
I love your pictures, especially those of Portsmouth. My sister was born in Portsmouth and we moved away a long time ago but I still think of myself as a New Englander. My sister and I visited NH & Maine - staying in Portsmouth, in August and we were blown away by how much has changed in the 30+ years since we've been gone. We're now planning a return trip!
Jeff VAughn(non-registered)
Your photography of Portsmouth brings back memories of the time I grew up and lived in Portsmouth NH area - nice to see my hometown in great pictures ! Keep up the great work!
Oaka Assoon(non-registered)
I absolutely love your photographs, the composition, light, and the colors you captured, all very serene! As a fellow photographer I feel that I have moments where I struggle to find the right light setting. Thanks to the post on Yankee Magazine I will continue to follow your site.
Judy Higgins Parker(non-registered)
I just came across your amazing photos of Portsmouth and they are so beautiful they almost make my heart hurt. I am a MA native who is somewhat familiar with N.H.; however, now living in IL and longing for the beauty of N. E. Thanks for sharing your artistry with me.
Samantha Hayman -Selin(non-registered)
Your photographs are some of the best I've ever seen, I found you on Facebook through a friends, friend. Is there a way I can follow you, meaning able to see your photos as they are post. I want to see more, it's pure, beauty what you capture. I'm memorized, by the captures.
Maureen Powell(non-registered)
From Rye,my passion tugboats,marsh landscape,Rye Harbor and anywhere in Portsmouth. Would like to purchase tugs with snow on them and Portsmouth boats with No Church in background. Wish me luck putting my order in!#
I live in the seacoast of NH and always enjoy seeing local scenes through your lens. I am a photographer of people & food who generally prefers not to carry a camera around when I leave the house so I especially enjoy seeing your work. Thanks for sharing Eric.
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