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Created 21-Sep-20
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In the summer of 2019 I started on a journey to photograph locations around the seacoast using a Canon AE-1 manual 35mm film camera, that had been passed down through the family. There were no specific goals in mind other than to expand my vision as an artist and really focus on the basics such as color, contrast and composition. Shooting on film really adds a whole new dimension to the process as I strive never to take more than one or two shots of any given scene, oftentimes spending minutes to compose the best shot possible, with the given light and conditions. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoy making them!
Chevy and Memorial Bridge [35mm]Fishing Boat and Sheafe Warehouse [35mm]South Mill Pond Sunset [35mm]Durham Fall Harvest [35mm]South End Homes [35mm]Moran Towing Tugboats [35mm]Old Red Ford Truck [35mm]Prescott Park Golden Hour [35mm]North Mill Pond Sunrise [35mm]Downtown Newmarket [35mm]Atkinson Street Door [35mm]General Store [35mm]Memorial Bridge Last Light [35mm]Badgers Island Waterfront [35mm]Marina and the Shipyard [35mm]Autumn Palette [35mm]Bridge and Foliage [35mm]Bridge Crossing [35mm]Autumn Fields [35mm]Country Road [35mm]

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