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Created 26-Jul-13
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Portsmouth is a city located on New Hampshire's coastline that is rich in history and maritime tradition. Much of the city has been updated with a modern touch over the years, but there are still many areas which call back to the old seaport it once was. The working waterfront is always bustling with fishing trawlers and cargo ships which are guided down the Piscataqua by the iconic Moran tugboats. Just across the river, submarines are drydocked and repaired at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard which served as an invaluable asset to the Allies during WWII, and continues that role today.

Through the lens, I always strive to capture a slice of both the new and the old Portsmouth. This is often not hard to do since the time periods are continually interchanging with one another. The waterfront is under constant change as new store-fronts and restaurants are opened with every passing tourist season. Strongholds like the Strawberry Banke Museum help retain the longstanding heritage and show what it would have been like to live here 200 years ago.
Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse DoorFishing Boat at SunriseSouth Street & VineSouth End Yacht ClubSummer Evening in the South EndPrescott Park DoorSheaf Warehouse & SeagullPortsmouth Harbor Light & TallshipPortsmouth AthenaeumCourt Street SceneWentworth Gardner MuseumFishing Boat at Low TideLighthouse DetailBoats at DawnPortsmouth Skyline First LightSouth End ColorsFishing Pier ReflectionsSouth End Boat RampLobster Boat in Black & WhitePrescott Park Gardens

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